A downloadable game for Windows

A fast pace action game. Features 2 player local coop with friendly fire. Shoot enemies. Shoot your friend. Your choice.

As this is a prototype to test my skills, the art and sound are basically placeholders and rudimentary.

Click here for gameplay video

What is it about ?

1) Top down twin stick shooter mechanic

2) Action oriented - Various enemies will attack you with different approach. Some will stay away and take pot shots at you, some will track you down, some will rush and engage in melee, Player's ability to dodge and return fire will be key to success.

3) 4 procedurally generated levels. Completing each level unlock new weapons

4) Feature a turret that can be picked up and placed at any strategic location. Once deployed, turret will track and shoot nearby enemies!

4) Feature two player local coop! plug in a XBOX360 controller to enable 2nd Player. Switch between keyboard + mouse or Gamepad in Options menu

5) Objective of the Level - KILL ALL ENEMIES. Upon which a transporter will be spawned for player to return to base to get ready for the next level

Keyboard key map :

WASD - Movement

Space + WASD - Dodge in the respective direction

Mouse - Aim

LMB - Fire

E - Action

Mouse middle wheel or Num 1,2,3 - Select weapons

ESC - Pause ( also bring up the menu)

Controller key map :

Left Stick - Movement

A button + Left Stick - Dodge in the respective direction

Right Stick - Aim

RIght Trigger - Fire

X Button - Action

D-Pad Up / Down - Select weapons

Start button - Pause ( also bring up the menu)

Install instructions

1) This is a Windows NIS installer, created using Gamemaker Studio.

2 )Download the file, click on it

3) Follow the installation instruction.


Marooned.exe 2 MB